Jury Regulations


  1. These Rules define the principles of the work of the Competition Jury of the CSR Poland Awards (2024 edition).
  2. The Competition Chapter operates on the basis of these Rules and the Competition Regulations.
  3. The Award Committee consists of the Award Committee Chairman and 4 Award Committee Members.
  4. The Chairman and members of the Chapter are appointed by the Competition Organiser.
  5. The work of the Committee is assisted by the Secretary, whose task is to count the points, keep records of the debates and prepare the final minutes.


  1. The Committee is obliged to act in a manner ensuring objectivity in the assessment of applications.
  2. The members of the Chapter are obliged to keep the information about the competition winners confidential until the official announcement.
  3. The members of the Chapter are obliged to carefully read the competition applications and make their own judgement, without suggesting personal knowledge of the competition participants.
  4. Members of the Chapter shall abstain from voting in the case of candidates with a conflict of interest.
  5. In the event that a member of the Chapter is unable to make an assessment for independent reasons, he or she may nominate a substitute. If he/she fails to do so, the deliberations will take place in a reduced composition.


1. Selection of the winners will take place by secret ballot (voting may be preceded by discussion) during 3 stages:

  • Stage I – selection of up to 6 nominees from each category on the basis of a simple majority of votes.
  • Stage II – qualifying 3 nominations for the award.
  • Stage III – selection of the winner from among the nominations qualified for the award.

2. Evaluation at stage I consists of:

  • filling in the Evaluation Card and awarding from 0 to 5 points for each evaluation criterion,
  • the sum of points for each nomination constitutes a single assessment by each Member of the Chapter,
  • the average of the individual assessments constitutes the Jury’s Assessment,
  • The 6 entries with the highest Competition Chapter Score proceed to the second stage.

3. Assessment at the second stage consists of:

  • discussion about selected nominations,
  • selecting 3 nominations eligible for the award.

4. Assessment at the second stage consists of:

  • discussing the selected nominations,
  • filling in the Voting Card and granting 1 vote for the best project,
  • the nomination with the highest number of votes wins in a given category, the remaining 2 receive distinctions,
  • in the event of a tie, the Chapter decides to repeat the voting or to award the prize ex aequo.

5. In the event of a dispute, the President of the Committee shall have the casting vote.

6. The selection of the winners must take place no later than 11.03.2024.


  1. The composition of the Jury shall be made public after the award of the competition in order to avoid any influence on the decision of the Jury members.
  2. The minutes of the deliberations will be available for inspection at the Competition Organiser after the winners have been selected.
  3. Any changes to these Rules must be made in writing and will come into effect when the current version is published on the csrpoland.pl website.

Krakow, 24.10.2024