CSR Poland Awards

A contest that recognizes the best CSR projects and employees working in the field of corporate social responsibility.

Information about applications for the CSR Poland Awards 2024 will be available soon.

About the contest

During CSR POLAND 2023 there will be the dissolution of a contest for businesses implementing social initiatives and the presentation of awards to the winners.

The competition is designed for individuals and companies, engaged in corporate social responsibility activities, who have implemented a CSR project in 2022. It aims to:

CSR Poland Awards


Community Affairs

Health, sports, education and culture for the benefit of the community.


Charitable and pro bono activities.

Social Engagement

Volunteerism and social action.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Activities to strengthen diversity, tolerance, accessibility. 

Corporate Community

Employee-oriented activities.

CSR Leader

The employee who initiates and conducts CSR activities at the company.


Andrzej Kulig (Honorary Member of the Competition Jury) – Deputy Mayor of the City of Krakow for Social and Municipal Policy.

Agnieszka Pleti – president of the Poland Business Run Foundation
Ewa Jastrzębska, PhD – spokeswoman for ethics at the Warsaw School of Economics
Dorota Gierszewski, PhD – head of the Laboratory of Social Pedagogy and Andragogy of the Jagiellonian University
Tomasz Włodarski – member of the board of the Polish Institute of Human Rights and Business Foundation
Małgorzata Szlendak – communication expert and trainer


Correct application to the CSR POLAND AWARDS Competition involves filling out the Competition Form available for download at csrpoland.pl and sending it to [email protected]. All applications will be reviewed by a specially appointed Competition Jury. 

The CSR Poland Awards will honor the implementers of the best social initiatives.